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Our support projects are based on the needs of the refugee community. We focus on raising funds to provide emergency response to the most vulnerable families impacted by current crises. Alongside delivering packages with basic goods, we work to raise awareness and start conversations around solidarity and action.

Food Baskets

On a regular basis, our on-ground teams distribute food packages including the basic durable ingredients for a week to vulnerable families in two locations.

Hygiene Baskets

Our on-ground teams distribute hygiene baskets and baby products several times a month. These include soap and disinfectant as well as sanitary products for women and infants.

In-Kind Donations

Our team works closely with our larger volunteer base to organize and distribute in-kind donations (clothes, furniture, baby items, etc.) to families in need.

Online Deliveries

For remote locations where our on-ground teams cannot physically reach, we organize online and contactless deliveries of our food and hygiene baskets.

Raising Awareness

Peace-building and the practice of solidarity are amongst our most important values. To engage and educate locals and world-wide change makers, we organize and participate in events about our project and cause. We also provide awareness classes to students (ages 12-18) that focus on the root cause and impact of conflict, the refugee journey, and how to live in solidarity and take action.

Emergency Financial Aid

A small fraction of our budget is dedicated to helping out families in extraordinary financial emergencies; for example providing single payments for rent and bills.

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Are you curious about how much of our budget goes into each project? 100% of the donations we receive go directly to our beneficiaries: 40% towards food baskets (basic ingredients for a week's worth of food), 30% towards hygiene packages (sanitary towels, diapers, soap, disinfectant, etc.), 20% towards online deliveries in limited access locations, and the last 10% towards emergency financial aid.

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