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Refugees encounter countless obstacles in their daily lives due to lack of financial means, malnourishment, and limited access to shelter, education, and healthcare. Hence, millions of refugees are in urgent need of assistance to improve their living conditions, particularly in the context of increasingly hostile anti-migrant sentiments in many host countries. In addition to facing severe human rights violations, many refugees experience severe economic vulnerability and have no clear pathway to a secure and stable future.


Witnessing the terrible impact the pandemic and other socioeconomic crises have had on the lives and opportunities of refugees, UHfR committed to provide immediate relief to specific refugee communities in the form of material aid and cash support.


The work and impact of UHfR’s mission is restricted by its limited resources and capacities as a volunteer-run association. Besides the structural aid offered to one specific refugee community, we divide our remaining budget among a limited number of emergency cases determined by our own assessments in the field or those of our partner organisations.


The effectiveness of our work relies on the close and trusted relationships and strong communications we have developed with members of refugee communities, ensuring we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing needs of the communities. Whilst acknowledging the limitations we face as a volunteer-run organisation, our hope and vision is to support refugee communities through long-term partnerships with the aim of building community resilience and well-being. 



Our support is based on the constantly changing needs of refugee communities. We focus
on raising funds to provide emergency response.



We react to medical emergency cases in which other basic needs could not be provided or
accessed. When there is a particularly complex medical situation, UHfR occasionally makes
an exception in order to provide financial support to access specialist treatment and



At UHfR we believe in the importance of maintaining and celebrating cultural heritage and
tradition as a central part of the life and well-being of all forcibly displaced communities.



Part of our mission is to raise awareness about refugee communities and overall forced
migration in order to encourage solidarity, understanding, and action. Fundraisers,
campaigns, events and educational activities are ways in which we promote our mission.


Yazidi Support

The Yazidi (or Êzidî) community is a religious minority, originally from Northern Iraq and Northern Syria. Due to ongoing conflicts and crimes committed against the community, large numbers of the Yazidi community have been forcibly displaced and now live in refugee camps or in the diaspora spread across the globe.



For the safety of the refugee communities we are in contact with and that of our volunteers,
we choose to not share any pictures or information that could be indicative of location, or
that could be construed as critical by certain actors, who could harm their basic rights.


For the safety of both the refugee communities we work with and our team and volunteers, we cannot share any in-depth details, identifying images or specific information about our projects or community activities, nor can we make any comments which may be construed as critical. We recognise that this limitation may make it difficult for our global supports to fully appreciate the scope and impact of our work, however the safety and security of the community and our volunteers is our highest priority. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding and welcome you to contact us directly if you are interested to learn more about the details of our work.

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