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UHfR works in three key program areas:

Emergency Response Program, Yazidi Support Program, and Advocacy and Awareness Raising Program


The effectiveness of our work relies on the close and trusted relationships and strong communications we have developed with members of marginalised refugee communities, ensuring we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing needs of the communities. Whilst acknowledging the limitations we face as a volunteer-run organization, our hope and vision is to support communities through long-term partnerships with the aim of building community resilience and well-being.



Our material support efforts are based on the specific needs of the communities we support. This includes providing for nutritional and hygiene needs, household essentials, educational needs and supporting medical cases. In order to build resilience, we also work to facilitate access to quality psycho-social support programs.

We also work to support the cultural life and heritage preservation of the communities we work with, as we believe strongly in the importance of maintaining and celebrating cultural heritage and tradition as a central part of the life and well-being of all forcibly displaced communities.


Yazidi Support Program

As part of our Community Support Program, UHfR has been effective in working with, and providing assistance to, a large Yazidi community living in particularly precarious circumstances.

We provide essential nutrition and hygiene products, facilitate access to health services, support the maintenance of cultural identity and heritage, advocate for the protection and fulfillment of their human rights, and raise awareness of their complex history and circumstances.


Advocacy &
Awareness programs

Part of our mission is to raise awareness about, and collaborate with other Human Rights agencies to advocate for changing the harsh realities faced by marginalised refugee communities globally. We seek to encourage solidarity, understanding and action from the global community, as well as contribute to systemic transformation efforts, towards the fulfillment of Human Rights standards for all.

Ways in which we work to raise awareness and advocate for change include: fundraisers, campaigns, events and educational activities, as well as working with sector partners towards justice and reparations for victim survivors.


For the safety of both the refugee communities we work with and our team and volunteers, we cannot share any in-depth details, identifying images or specific information about our projects or community activities, nor can we make any comments which may be construed as critical. We recognise that this limitation may make it difficult for our global supports to fully appreciate the scope and impact of our work, however the safety and security of the community and our volunteers is our highest priority. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding and welcome you to contact us directly if you are interested to learn more about the details of our work.

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