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We are a group of dedicated volunteers from four different continents with one goal: To provide emergency support to people in need who are being critically affected by COVID-19 and other ongoing crises.


The goal of UHfR is to raise awareness about the ongoing migration crisis and worsening situation for refugees since COVID-19. We also gather funds for vulnerable families who have been hit hardest by the lockdown measures and are unable to sustain themselves during this emergency. We are closely connected to the community in order to respond to their needs for food and hygiene products, material goods, and financial aid. Raising awareness through various channels - both online and offline - including regular social media posts, private discussions with our networks, collaborations with other initiatives, and in civic engagement events, is equally essential to our work ethics.


We believe everyone deserves to live a life of dignity, safety, and freedom. This is an opportunity for those who have enough to share to demonstrate support and solidarity with vulnerable families. Our vision is for a more equal and just world, where all families have enough food and hygiene products to live in dignified and healthy conditions. We are committed to making a direct impact on achieving this broad vision within our local community.

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