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We are waiting for you!

UHfR runs entirely on the efforts of enthusiastic volunteers, so we are more than happy to welcome support from anyone with related skills. If you like what we do and consider yourself responsible, passionate, and collaborative, we are more than happy to talk with you about joining our volunteer network.

We are looking for volunteers to: 

  • help to distribute food/hygiene packages and donations on the ground;

  • transport material donations with our team (car required);

  • translate/communicate: native speakers of Arabic, Farsi and other languages;

  • create fundraising events for our project virtually or in your hometown (small and large scale);

  • support us in raising awareness about the current refugee situation;

  • help in graphic design, IT, and other creative digital areas;

  • research and write grant applications;

  • translate the website and social media content into various languages;

  • and of course other creative ideas are more than welcome!

Sounds interesting?

Read our volunteer policy or send us an e-mail directly to

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