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We run entirely on enthusiastic volunteers and we are always on the lookout for talented and driven individuals. Help us to mobilize resources for immediate and direct emergency food & hygiene support for refugee communities.


Help us to mobilize resources for immediate and direct emergency food & hygiene support for refugee communities.​ Any amount, big or small can make a difference. Did you know that due to the current transaction rates, even the equivalent of one dinner in central Europe or North America can provide a family with their basic groceries for a week? 


Alternatively, you now can become a sponsoring member of United Hands for Refugees e.V. and thereby support our work long-term!


Do you work for an initiative that is dedicated to a similar cause? Is the fate of refugees in our society important to you? Do you own a shop, a café, or do you create art and would like to spread solidarity and raise awareness with your customers? Reach out to us for opportunities of collaboration!


Send an e-mail to! Think about possible solutions: What can you do at the small scale? Where can you get involved?

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We are waiting for you!

UHfR runs entirely on the efforts of enthusiastic volunteers, so we are more than happy to welcome support from anyone with related skills. If you like what we do and consider yourself responsible, passionate, and collaborative, we are more than happy to talk with you about joining our volunteer network.

We are looking for volunteers to: 

  • create fundraising events for our project virtually or in your hometown (small and large scale);

  • support us in raising awareness about the current refugee situation;

  • research and write grant applications;

  • translate the website and social media content into various languages;

  • and of course other creative ideas are more than welcome!

Sounds interesting?

Read our volunteer policy or send us an e-mail directly to


As a sponsoring member of United Hands for Refugees e.V.: 

  • you support our work with a monthly contribution

  • you are kept up to date about our projects, progress, and spendings

  • you are invited to join our annual general assembly and can therein voice your thoughts and ideas about our strategy and goals.


Reliable sponsorship contributes to the sustainability of our work, as it allows us an overview of future possibilities of funding our projects. Furthermore we support the idea of sponsoring members voicing their suggestions and join in important decision-making processes of our association at the general assembly. By becoming a sponsoring member, you accept the statutes of the association.

Cancellation of the sponsoring membership is possible on a monthly basis and must be received by United Hands for Refugees e.V. in writing at least one week before the end of the month.

The easiest way to become a sponsoring member is by filling in our registration form below. You get to choose if you would like to transfer your membership fee directly to our bank account or prefer us to collect the donation via direct debit mandate. If you encounter any difficulties filling in the form, send us an e-mail to

Register now

(with optional SEPA direct debit mandate
- core scheme)

To register as a sponsoring member please take the time to fill out the information below.

Important notes about the sponsoring membership and SEPA direct debit mandate. 

By sending off this mandate form and leaving your account details, you authorise (A) United Hands for Refugees e.V. to send instructions to your bank to debit your account and (B) your bank to debit your account in accordance with the instructions from United Hands for Refugees e.V. As part of your rights, you are entitled to a refund from your bank under the terms and conditions of your agreement with your bank. A refund must be claimed within 8 weeks starting from the date on which your account was debited. 

You will be informed of the unique mandate reference separately after successful completion of the form. We collect the recurring donation on the 1st day of each month. If this date does not fall on a bank working day, the collection takes place on the immediately following bank working day.

Your data will not be passed on to third parties. You have the right to receive information about your stored data at any time. To do so, send an e-mail to Upon termination of your donation to United Hands for Refugees e.V., your data will be deleted upon request if you no longer wish to receive information from United Hands for Refugees e.V.

United Hands for Refugees e.V.

20459 Hamburg


Association registration number:

VR 24794, Local Court (Amtsgericht) Hamburg

Creditor Identifier:


Bank details:

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG | DE11 4306 0967 1241 0904 00

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