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At UHfR, we are deeply committed to our mission of supporting marginalized refugee communities worldwide through advocating for systemic transformation to uphold human rights standards for all individuals. Central to this mission is our dedication to raising awareness about the harsh realities faced by refugees and collaborating with other human rights agencies to drive meaningful change.

UHfR employs a multifaceted approach within our Advocacy and Awareness Raising Program. Through a combination of campaigns, events, educational activities, and collaborative efforts with sector partners, we strive to shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by refugees and inspire solidarity, understanding, and action from the global community, as well as contribute to efforts towards systemic change.

UHfR develops and executes targeted advocacy campaigns to address specific issues affecting refugee populations. Whether it's advocating for policy changes, raising awareness about the plight of refugees, or mobilizing public support for humanitarian assistance, our campaigns are designed to effect tangible and lasting change.

Each year we aim to arrange, and participate in, a variety of events and educational activities, such as workshops, fundraisers and conferences, to raise awareness about refugee issues and engage in dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders. These events provide platforms for developing networks, sharing knowledge and mobilizing support for our cause, as well as increasing public awareness about the root causes of displacement, the challenges faced by refugees, and the importance of upholding their human rights.

Finally, we recognizes the importance of collaboration and partnership in advancing our mission. We actively collaborate with other human rights agencies, non-governmental organizations, government entities, and grassroots initiatives to amplify our impact, share resources and expertise, and advocate for systemic transformation towards the fulfillment of human rights standards for all individuals.

We believe that together we can work towards a world where all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances, are treated with dignity, respect, and compassion.

Live events and fundraisers

UHfR increasingly participates in discourses and events advocating migrant rights by sharing our mission and work.

In 2022, UHfR cooperated with various German initiatives and organisations to host a live event in Germany as well as online campaigns about migration, refugees, and the Yazidi diaspora. The event was supported by the Stiftung Leben und Umwelt - Heinrich Böll Foundation Niedersachsen.

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