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Part of our mission is to raise awareness about the harsh realities faced by marginalised refugee communities and the devastating impacts of forced migration globally, in order to encourage solidarity, understanding, and action. We do this by sharing content on our social media platforms, as well as organising online and in-person seminars and discussion groups for schools or initiatives, and online events with partner organisations.

Solidarity, Empathy

& Civic Engagement

In addition to online campaigns and seminars, UHfR also collaborates with educational institutions to share the experiences and expertise of our members and our daily work.

Between June and September 2020, we organised a series of awareness workshops with about 30 students between the ages of 12 and 18, focusing on solidarity, civic engagement, and sustainability. Each series of workshops was divided into six different syllabi, lasting around 2,5 hours per session. We used various methods of non-formal education to involve the students actively throughout the classes. Their participation and brainstorming helped challenge stereotypes and prejudices and cultivate a better understanding of the root causes of conflict and solutions.

Live events and fundraisers

UHfR increasingly participates in discourses and events advocating migrant rights by sharing our mission and work.

In 2022, UHfR cooperated with various German initiatives and organisations to host a live event in Germany as well as online campaigns about migration, refugees, and the Yazidi diaspora. The event was supported by the Stiftung Leben und Umwelt - Heinrich Böll Foundation Niedersachsen.

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