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Support and Empowerment towards Resilience and Well-being

          The Yazidi (or Êzidî) community is a Kurmanji speaking religious minority, originally coming from across Northern Iraq, Northern Syria and Turkey. Due to ongoing conflicts, forced migration and crimes against the community, which have been classified by the UN as constituting genocide, large numbers of the Yazidi community now live in refugee camps and diaspora around the world.

          Since July 2021, UHfR has become closely connected with a Yazidi community needing support to live a dignified life. The economic, social and health impacts of the global pandemic have been devastating for the community, adding more pressure to an already complex existence and poor living conditions. Through our emergency response program, UHfR has already been able to reach over 150 Yazidi families, equivalent to 900 individuals, providing basic food, essential hygiene products, winter supplies, a printer for legal documents and other emergency support. Beyond these urgent needs, we are also focusing on supporting the long term health and cultural life of the community, through funding the work of volunteer nurses and supporting local artists.

          The effectiveness of our work relies on the close and trusted relationships and strong communications we have developed with members of the community, ensuring we are able to respond quickly and thoughtfully to the evolving needs within the community. Whilst acknowledging the limitations we face as a small, volunteer-based organization, our hope and vision is to support and empower the Yazidi community through a long term partnership towards building community resilience and wellbeing.

Ways UHFR supports & empowers the Yazidi community

Emergency assistance for families & individuals

Due to minimal or no social support and limited resources, many families and individuals from the Yazidi community live in insecure and fragile conditions leaving them quickly vulnerable to crisis in hard times. UHfR is attempting to alleviate some of this vulnerability by providing emergency support to families and individuals in need, particularly in the form of winter supplies (blankets, radiators, cushions, etc.), food and hygiene packs, financial aid for bills (e.g. electricity, gas or water) and children’s clothes. This especially includes those who have recently arrived at the community from refugee camps and need support to establish themselves in the early days in their new environment. Also when there is a particularly complex medical situation, UHfR is working to provide exceptional financial support to access specialist treatment and medication.

community health infrastructure & medical support

Monthly & Long-term Support

In response to the evolving needs of this growing community and particularly due to the major and devastating impacts that the global pandemic has had, UHfR is committed to taking a long term resilience approach towards improving overall health and wellbeing within the community. As there is very little state financial support available or health and welfare services provided to the community, basic medical needs often go untreated resulting in poor health outcomes, especially for single mothers, pregnant women, infants, the elderly and people with chronic illness. To overcome these systemic challenges and improve public health conditions in a sustainable way, UHfR is working to support three professional nurses from within the Yazidi community with a monthly stipend and essential medical equipment. UHfR mediates and establishes additional dialogues and trainings between the nurses and other healthcare professionals. This partnership model with local nurses aims to empower the community from within, by enabling them to respond to their own needs with their existing skills and strengths, and providing them with the material resources, equipment and additional training they need to deliver quality medical care to their community. To ensure the success of this long term partnership, we rely on your monthly donations. ​ Add the following reference: #medicalsupport to contribute to this program.



Long-term Support

At UHfR we believe in the importance of maintaining and celebrating cultural heritage and tradition as a central part of the life and wellbeing of all communities. For the Yazidi community, this has been severely impacted and undermined through the many hardships they have faced. Therefore, we are committed to supporting the community to rebuild and strengthen their traditional practices. Our long term goal is to work together to build a community center to support and encourage traditional, creative and cultural practices. Furthermore, we plan to support local artists by promoting and offering creative public spaces to three singers and painters from within the community, enabling them to sustain their livelihoods as cultural heritage artists. We would love to hear from you if you are connected to an organization or initiative that focuses on supporting cultural practices and would be interested in collaborating with us on this project. Please contact us by clicking on the button below.

A song by Yazidi singers

from the community


I really wanted to show the two sides of the world in one painting, I really wanted to remind people who are celebrating the new year about those people around the world suffering.

Another song by the Yazidi singers

Yazidi Painter

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