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March 2020
Back at home: how to continue?

After 10 intensive days of learning more about the global refugee situation and discussing possible solutions, it was clear that we had to react and get engaged - especially in times of pandemic. Having access to the project’s resources and newly established international networks of activists, there was a common ground to implement a new initiative. In that regard, UHfR fulfills the exact hopes and outcomes of what the Cross-Cultural Solidarity project intended: To encourage young people to take action in civil society.

First 6 Months
Supporting those in need

Two fundraising campaigns enabled us to support over 1100 people and more than 250 families in need. We have been distributing food and hygiene packages, carrying out online deliveries, and collecting in-kind donations. We integrated and offered awareness classes about migration, solidarity, and civic engagement online as well as in collaboration with local schools. Moreover, our social media team created and posted various materials raising awareness about the conditions of refugees and methods of support.

February 2020
Cross-cultural Solidarity Project

An event during February and March 2020, had a crucial impact on the fast and successful foundation of what we now call United Hands For Refugees. The youth exchange project, brought together many like-minded people who were willed to change the world by showing solidarity and engagement where it is most needed. The basic idea of CCS 2020 was to create space and time for 20 young people to meet and exchange, explore, research, and reflect upon the concepts of solidarity and civic engagement. Moreover, the project was aimed at directly engaging the youth in civil society action. From the initial discussions and efforts of CCS 2020, stemmed United Hands For Refugees.

April 2020
United Hands for Refugees Foundation

"How can we support the ones who need it most over a longer period of time?" - Foundation of United Hands for Refugees


One trainer and one guest lecturer of the youth exchange came together and brainstormed about the possibilities of how to support the most affected people in the local communities during the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdowns.


With the CCS 2020 project’s resources (communication network, acquired knowledge from the exchanges and the personal connections between over 20 people from several countries, including awareness of each individuals’ expertise and qualities) and extensive networks with local and international NGOs, they were able to bring together enthusiastic volunteers and UHfR was founded on the 23rd of April 2020.

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April 2021
One Year Anniversary
Expand range of influence and support, collaborations & educational activities

We are constantly improving our methods in order support those in need effectively and sustainably. We pride ourselves on transparent communication with donors, and will continue to hold ourselves accountable as an independent, non-political, and grassroots initiative. We hope to increase our awareness classes for young people to provide them with the necessary tools to be active and responsible global citizens. As we grow and expand, we plan to keep our cross-cultural and intersectional approach. All further improvements and growth will be done keeping in mind the goal of increasing support to refugee communities in need.

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