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refugee communitıes


We are a volunteer-run non-profit association working with refugee-led initiatives to provide
community-based support. We aim to build relationships with and amplify the voices of the
communities we work with.


Our core mission is to respond to, collaborate with, and support refugee communities in
ways that uplift and lead to immediate and long-term social change and empowerment.


We work with refugee communities in the MENAT region to offer emergency relief, provide structural support and address systemic injustices. We don’t practise “parachute charity” where we drop off aid and leave. Rather, our ethos is to build strong and lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect with the individuals and communities we work with. Inevitably, as a relatively small organisation our reach and impact is limited. But we have found that our method of working in close collaboration with the communities allows us to have a disproportionate impact compared to other, larger aid-providing organisations.


For the safety of both the refugee communities we work with and our volunteers, we cannot
share any identifying images or specific information about our projects, nor can we make any
comments which may be construed as critical.

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Thank you so much, on behalf of the whole community! I'm grateful for everything we have done together and hope to do more together.

Community Coordinator

I love to volunteer for this community as a nurse, but it’s sad because I am not allowed to do my job in a professional way because of being a refugee myself here. My dream and hope is to settle in a secure place, a safe place, and be able practise my career as a nurse.

Volunteer nurse in the community

I have no words to describe how happy I am to see my daughter shopping freely and making her own free choices without having to wear donated clothes. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to feel like every other child around the world.

A mother who received clothing vouchers

Volunteering and supporting social projects is not just about giving, but it is always a give-and-take. By sharing what we can, we get back way more than we first though. I’m glad to be part of UHfR because it’s the perfect example that ordinary people can do extraordinary work.

Claudia, core team volunteer from Italy



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