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hygiene BASKETS


healthy & dignified life for everyone

Recognizing the need for emergency supplies other than food items, our team set up hygiene product distributions on a need basis. These baskets mainly include necessary supplies for infants such as diapers and milk, as many refugee families are struggling to provide these items for their children. We also include sanitary pads for women, along with hand soap, body soap and hand sanitizers. ​


We hope that by providing emergency hygiene products, we are doing our part to ensure everyone can live a healthy and dignified life especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Each month we get a list of families in need from trusted contacts and organizations within the community. We ask them to prioritize new beneficiary families in urgent need. We then coordinate with a local, refugee-owned market and assign a date for distribution that can work for everyone.

1. We contact families and assess their needs.

2. We raise funds.

3. We purchase groceries from a local refugee-owned shop.

4. We meet the families to hand over the hygiene baskets.

the process

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